We're excited to introduce our latest innovation for runners – the pliability Running Hub. This new content collection within the pliability app is specially designed to help runners of all levels enhance performance, reduce injury, and embrace every stride of their running journey.

What's in the Running Hub?

The Running Hub features two new guided paths – a “Beginner’s Series” for those new to mobility training and a comprehensive “Hip Health” program. Both are four-week series with routines under 15 minutes, perfect for fitting into any schedule.

But that's not all – the Running Hub also includes quick mobility warm-ups and cool-downs to perfectly complement your runs, plus targeted "hit the spot" programs for areas like feet, calves, and glutes.

Why Running Hub?

Running often leads to muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. Our Running Hub, with a special focus on hip health, is your resource to prevent these common issues. It's not just about running; it's about improving your overall well-being and enjoying a pain-free running experience.

Join Us on the Move

As Cody Mooney, our Director of Performance, puts it, "It's about finding freedom through movement and empowering every runner to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential."

Ready to hit the ground running? The Running Hub is waiting for you in the pliability app, available on iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Try it out with our 7-day free trial and make every run your best run.