Built on native technology, trusted by athletes worldwide, and based on a multi-modality scientific approach - pliability focuses on human movement by enabling longevity through flexibility.

NEW YORK, USA / LONDON, UK (September 7, 2022) Today, mobility and recovery app ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day) announces its rebrand to pliability, the human movement brand positioned to empower lasting performance and health through flexibility in body + mind. 

Designed to be used as an essential component of any training plan, pliability’s on-demand, science-backed routines for stretching, breathing, and mindfulness are designed to enhance active lifestyles, to unlock your body, and to allow you to move freely. 

“My biggest goal for pliability is to educate our customers that no matter what their training discipline, movement is essential for a full life. We are providing mental and physical flexibility through our product.” says Cody Mooney, Director of Performance. 

The pliability app allows users to access new content daily in the form of guided videos provided through a native multi-platform ecosystem and science-backed assessments. iPhone users can take part in a mobility test, which will formulate a personalized mobility plan to follow. Specific paths for targeted maintenance alongside warm-ups and cool-downs are available, including breathwork for both mental and physical benefits. Users can also select their own music based on their mood. 

pliability is the evolution of the CrossFit focused ROMWOD brand, which has been a staple in the industry since 2015 and serves active users in 100+ countries. Its mission is to educate consumers on the benefits of mobility practice in everyday life and across all types of training. Scott N. Perkins, former Managing Partner of ROMWOD and Founder of pliability says, “The results we’ve seen in the CrossFit community through ROMWOD have been incredible. It was clear to us that there was an opportunity to provide our expertise to a wider audience.” 

Perkins continues, “When I look at our vision for pliability, and from speaking to many of our customers, it’s clear how significant our impact can be. Whether you’re an athlete, a grandparent who wants to keep up with grandkids, or anyone in between, pliability is here because movement is freedom. Freedom of movement isn’t an add-on to your training routine. It's a non-negotiable part of that process and it will affect everything you do in your day to day life.” 

Content within the pliability platform has drawn from the knowledge of its team, including yin-yoga experts, physical therapists and athletic trainers. It has also drawn on the athletic experiences of its athletes, many of whom have been on ROMWOD’s journey since the beginning. Some of these world-class athletes include five-time CrossFit Games champion Tia-Clair Toomey, Patrick Vellner, Laura Horvath, Noah Ohsen, Kara Saunders, and more. pliability is also expanding its offerings into new sports such as golf, and recently signed professional golfer, Lee Westwood. 

The pliability team believes that everyday people and elite athletes have the same needs, and that the mind + body are worthy investments. The benefits of regular practice are extensive and ongoing, from greater mobility, expedited recovery, improved longevity, heightened performance, and increased calm. 

“As I gained respect for health and wellness over the years and made it a priority in my life, I started to truly realize the purpose for the company,” said Perkins. “The tools to maintain longevity in movement need to be accessible to as many people as possible.” 

pliability is uniquely noted for its programming that utilizes daily videos, motion capture assessments, testing progression, and multi-modal educational content to test, correct, and enhance people’s mental and physical flexibility. 

The pliability experience and in-app features include: 

● 7-Day Welcome Series 

● Mobility Assessment 

● Short Guided Daily Videos 

● Paths for Targeted Maintenance 

● Warm-ups and Cool-downs 

● Customizable music selections 

● Breathwork 

● Sports Specific Sessions - Coming soon. 

The pliability app is available to download now on iOS, Android and any web browser. Videos can be watched on-demand, streamed to any screen, or downloaded for offline use. All users get a 7 day free trial before a flat rate of $13.95 per month. ROMWOD app users can expect an automatic update today. 

About Pliability: 

pliability is the human movement brand. It’s a company on a mission to facilitate better movement for all through evidence-based technology and the fusion of mobility, yoga, prehab, rehab, recovery, mindfulness, and strength. pliability’s extensive media library features short daily videos, sports-specific sessions, targeted body maintenance, and guided breathwork. All programming is backed by medical professionals, vetted by pro athletes, and designed for anyone seeking elevated health, wellness, and performance. With roots in CrossFit, pliability is now trusted by athletes across a variety of sports, including golfer Lee Westwood, the latest addition to the company’s roster. Dive deeper at pliability.com.