Today, mobility and recovery app pliability, announces its newest athlete signing, sixth-place Fittest Woman on Earth 2022 CrossFitter, Emma Lawson. The new partnership allows pliability to continue to educate the CrossFit community and young female athletes that movement health is essential for everyone, every day.

Designed to be used as a basic component of any training plan, pliability’s on-demand, science-backed routines for stretching, breathing, and mindfulness are designed to enhance active lifestyles, to unlock the body, and to allow you to move freely.

Emma Lawson is a CrossFit Games athlete from Canada, rising to fame as a high-performing teen athlete since her debut at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games at 17 years old. Finishing in sixth place, Emma is determined to get stronger, more mobile and prepare her body ahead of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games. This year she will be competing for the second time with elite athletes, in the race to become the Fittest Woman on Earth and continue to build her CrossFit career.

Emma Lawson says: “Mobility and recovery are essential focus points in my training, so I am incredibly excited to be working with the pliability team. Whether to enhance my performance, recovery or to put myself in the right headspace for a competition or my school studies, I want to help educate others that mobility health is a basic foundation that helps me every day in achieving my goals.”

Emma is an ultra high-performer in both fitness and education, set to finish school with top class grades, Emma’s determination and hunger for achievement are the key elements that will help her succeed in the CrossFit Games and continue to grow her career towards becoming an elite athlete.

“We are incredibly excited to sign a young star athlete and welcome Emma to the pliability family,” says Cody Mooney, Director of Performance at pliability. “Most of our pliability community knows that we were born out of the CrossFit community, so to work with someone like Emma Lawson, we feel a natural unity here. Her drive and determination in life and on the competition floor are inspiring. We can’t wait to cheer her on and have pliability bring longevity and performance to her training. Our goal is to help educate and inspire athletes of all ages on the importance of mobility and recovery. We believe Emma has already been, and will continue to be, an inspiration and leader for the CrossFit community. We are proud to welcome her to team pliability."

The pliability app is available to download now on iOS, Android and any web browser. Videos can be watched on-demand, streamed to any screen, or downloaded for offline use. All users get a 7-day free trial before a flat rate of $17.95 / £16.95 per month or $179.95 / £169.95 Annually.