We're thrilled to unveil our latest initiative, the Postpartum Program, crafted to guide new mothers through their recovery journey with grace and strength. Collaborating with the The MINT Prjct and our champion athlete Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr, we've tailored a program that marries mobility with mindfulness, marking a new chapter in maternal wellness.

Our Postpartum Program spans from day one post-delivery to the 12th week, offering nurturing routines that blend gentle stretches with meditation, aimed at fostering a deep bond between mother and baby. As Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr shares her journey, she brings invaluable insights into the role of mobility in her own postpartum recovery, setting a powerful example for mothers everywhere.

“As an elite athlete, maintaining my mobility and recovery has always been a priority and something I have continued throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey,” says pliability athlete and six-time CrossFit Games champion, Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr. “pliability and The MINT Prjct team have educated me on the importance of this, particularly postpartum, supporting me from day one of my journey back to fitness. I want to empower mothers with the knowledge and tools they need for a healthy and resilient postpartum experience."  

The Postpartum program comprises of four fundamental components designed to cater to the distinct needs of mothers during this transformative period:

  1. Postpartum Recovery Weeks 1-6: Vaginal Delivery
  2. Postpartum Recovery Weeks 1-6: Cesarean Delivery
  3. Postpartum Recovery Weeks 7-12
  4. Guided Walking Path

With the program divided into specific segments for vaginal and cesarean recovery, we ensure every mother’s journey is acknowledged. Beyond physical recovery, our Guided Walking Paths invite you to immerse in mindfulness practices, turning walks with your baby into moments of connection and reflection.

At pliability, we believe in supporting women through every step of their journey, emphasizing that movement is not just about fitness; it's about freedom.

Dive into the pliability app to access our full Pregnancy + Postpartum Program and join us in redefining a mother's pregnancy care.